How much does it cost to transfer and/or to cancel a fideicomiso?

Every bank has a different fee structure. Bancomer is one of the most commonly used fideicomiso/trust banks. To transfer an existing fideicomiso at Bancomer, the seller needs to pay 406usd, while the buyer needs to pay 1228usd (including the first annual fideicomiso fee). In order to cancel a Bancomer fideicomiso, the seller has to pay…

How do I get a Mexican visa?

As the first step, you will need to go to the closest Mexican consulate in your area to begin the process of getting your temporary visa. The second step will be to travel to Mazatlan in order to finalize the visa issuance process. The first temporary visa will be issued for one year and after…

How do I get a Mexican tax ID (RFC)?

If you are a retired foreigner or you simply do not conduct any business on the Mexican territory, you can apply for an RFC for non-working residents. The RFC will come handy when you decide to sell your Mexican home as it is one of the key requirements for obtaining a capital gains tax exemption….

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